Advertisements For Pure Love

Pure Love For Sale!

If It’s not an Eternal Spiritual Good, we don’t stock It!

[We did this Pure Love Ad forever ago. It’s still up at]

Summer 2020 Pure Love Ad Campaign

2019 Pure Love Ad Campaign

  1. Pure Love for Sale (but no pick-up or delivery)
  2. Should We Consume What We Deserve?
  3. Pure Love Chooses Everyone! Wait a minute! Everyone?!?!
  4. Don’t get eaten by wolves: Buy Pure Love!
  5. Pure Love: More Effective than Classy Sneakers!
  6. Pure Love: More Effective than a Row Bath!
  7. Pure Love: More Effective than the Perfect Outfit!

Pure Love Ad Copy

(Prior to 2019)

  1. PL Ad Copy: A Customer Testimonial from Peoria
  2. PL Ad Copy: The Gallows of Beatrice
  3. PL Ad Copy Support: Introducing Pure Love Chooses Everyone
  4. PL Ad Copy: Pure Love Chooses Everyone!
  5. PL Ad Copy: Corruption Growing??
  6. Pure Love Ad Copy: Sexuality Got You Down?
  7. Examples: The Six Principles of PersuasionA Selection of PL Ads & Essays on Ads and Advertising

A Selection of PL Ads & Essays on Ads and Advertising

Pure Love Clothing Lines

  1. Pure Love Chooses Everyone Clothing Line
  2. Clothes Talking Pure Love
  3. Truth = Hilarious Kind Joy (Pure Love Shop tagline)

Greeting Cards

  1. B. Willard’s Greeting Card Shop
  2. Art History Christmas Cards
  3. Two Birthday Cards (“You Can’t Stop Time!” & “Gift of Pure Love”)
  4. Infinite Primes B-Day & You Already Have and Ermine B-Day
  5. Desperate Greeting Card
  6. A Very Something Deeperist Christmas
  7. Flow of History Christmas Card
  8. Christmas Truce Holiday Card