Pure Love for Sale (but no pick-up or delivery)

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Cartoon of a man leaning over his small balcony high over the town, reaching out for a rolled parchment hand-delivered by a postman flying on a bike outfitted with butterfly-like wings of a soft but durable yellow fabric.
Door to door hand delivery! The contrast with B. Willard’s Pure Love Shop couldn’t be sharper!

We sell Pure Love — the one thing with which all is OK and without which nothing is OK.
We don’t deliver; and you can’t pick up.
Luckily, you already have an infinite supply of Pure Love — how’s that for convenience?!
Delivery prior to purchase! Prior to request even! How’s that for efficiency!!!???

You see:
Pure Love — the infinite Light that creates, sustains, shines-through and love-lifts everything — is all that truly exists!

Stand up straight and tall within yourself, opening your chest, abdomen, pit, backside — all of you. Ask the Light in all through. And push out from within, beaming the Light everywhere.

Cartoon of labelled 'en l'an 2000' [in the year 2000]. Everyone is flying above their clean, tall-, straight-walled city in personal flying machines. Mostly one-seater propeller planes they but the policeman directing traffic has big bat-like wings and a rounded balsawood tail-rudder
Ah the futures! What myriads!

Picture the inside and outside, the whole shape of everyone you meet; and will the Light within them to explode through all boundaries as you will the Light within you to likewise burst you to smithereens.

With a gentle steady push of Light from our pits out, we ask the God beyond but not cut-off from our understanding to lift everyone up, to make us all well and allow us all to see ourselves and one another as we really are: thin clothes draped over the brightest most mirthfully giggling all-uplifting Light.

Cartoon of an evening sky full of sub-shaped open-seated flying machines that must somehow float and that seem to propel themselves forward with little fan-like feet attached to four stick-like legs. In the foreground a well-dressed chauffeur, a thick gray coat over his tux, helps ladies in elegant evening gowns from a roof-top platform into his flying coach. They're going to the opera!
Let’s explore in art and thought together! Let’s have fun together!

Don’t delay!
Act now!

Let Pure Love explode all your hopes and fears, organizing your feeling/thinking/acting better and better around the Light (aka: Pure Love) shining through all things!

Let Pure Love guide you to ever more aware, honest, clear, accurate, competent, kind, joyfully-sharing feeling/thinking/acting!

Or Your Money Back!

Disclaimer: The views in this advertisement do not necessarily represent those of Bartleby Willard, Amble Whistletown or the other Skullvalley After Whistletown editors, or anyone else in any way affiliated with or not affiliated with this site. They represent, rather, a pained, a wounded, a delicately rending and bleeding daydreaming sketch from some fictional personages created by other fictional personages.

However: If you find that the more you muse upon it, the more you are overtaken by a Light within that alone Knows What’s What; if the more you consider the prospect of a Loving Kindness that sits prior to and explodes through all our particular believing and doubting; if the more you wonder upon such a possible inner treasure, you find yourself won over by a joy that does not blow-off but does transcend emotional/logical understanding; if in time you realize that Pure Love has always been building up on the back of your thought like light on a slow developing film; if in seeking aware clear honest accurate competent kind joyful generous thought and action you find that a Light within glows brighter and brighter, allowing you — as a whole being (ideas, feelings, and the Light all interacting meaningfully, though of course not perfectly or literally/definitively/1:1-ily, together) — to understand better and better that and in what sense it is truer to say “Love is real” than it is to say anything else; if you find that by pursuing the Light with awareness … generous thought and action, the Light guides you to more and more Truly aware … generous thought and action: well, if all that happens to happen, that’s nobody’s fault!

Ad Copy: B. Willard
Editor: A. Whistletown
Copyright: AM Watson
Point: Ah!, well, you see!

This has been another lark from Bartleby Willard.

[Logbook Chapters / Pure Love Ad Campaign]

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