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Love Notes

You want to talk about love?

You’ve come to the right place!

  1. What is love?
  2. How to find True Love
  3. Thirty Signs of True Love
  4. What is the hurt?
  5. How to heal repressed trauma
  6. Seeking Spiritual Insight, Failing

Advertisements For Pure Love

Pure Love For Sale!

If It’s not an Eternal Spiritual Good, we don’t stock It!

[We did this Pure Love Ad forever ago. It’s still up at From-Bartleby.com]

Summer 2020 Pure Love Ad Campaign

2019 Pure Love Ad Campaign

  1. Pure Love for Sale (but no pick-up or delivery)
  2. Should We Consume What We Deserve?
  3. Pure Love Chooses Everyone! Wait a minute! Everyone?!?!
  4. Don’t get eaten by wolves: Buy Pure Love!
  5. Pure Love: More Effective than Classy Sneakers!
  6. Pure Love: More Effective than a Row Bath!
  7. Pure Love: More Effective than the Perfect Outfit!

Pure Love Ad Copy

  1. PL Ad Copy: A Customer Testimonial from Peoria
  2. PL Ad Copy: The Gallows of Beatrice
  3. PL Ad Copy Support: Introducing Pure Love Chooses Everyone
  4. PL Ad Copy: Pure Love Chooses Everyone!
  5. PL Ad Copy: Corruption Growing??

A Selection of PL Ads & Essays on Ads and Advertising

Meme Factory

Memes and their accompanying essays.

Meme Factory Link

Exploits of a Love Seller

The Pure Love business is not for the faint of heart-of-hearts!

  1. Day 1: Bartleby Tends the Shop
  2. Day 2: Lonesome Feeling
  3. Death of a Pure Love Raid
  4. Pure Love Audit Part 1: Background
  5. Pure Love Audit Part 2: The Audit/Crazy Bullshit

Pure Love Clothing Lines

  1. Pure Love Chooses Everyone Clothing Line
  2. Clothes Talking Pure Love
  3. Truth = Hilarious Kind Joy (Pure Love Shop tagline)

Greeting Cards

  1. B. Willard’s Greeting Card Shop
  2. Art History Christmas Cards
  3. Two Birthday Cards (“You Can’t Stop Time!” & “Gift of Pure Love”)
  4. Infinite Primes B-Day & You Already Have and Ermine B-Day
  5. Desperate Greeting Card
  6. A Very Something Deeperist Christmas
  7. Flow of History Christmas Card
  8. Christmas Truce Holiday Card