Lovebook: Practical Love

Love Notes (Relationships) / Love Case Study

Business Ethics / Health (Separate Page)

Love Notes – Loving Relationships

You want to talk about the role of love in human daily life?

You’ve come to the right place!

Love Notes – Loving Relationships

  1. What is love?
  2. Loving Kindness Meditation
  3. Can You Love Anyone if You Don’t Love Everyone?
  4. How to find True (Romantic) Love
  5. Thirty Signs of True (Romantic) Love
  6. Romantic Love is Not a Vainglory / Not shallow
  7. Evils of Online Dating/
  8. What is Faith?
  9. Pure Love Chooses Everyone Ads & Designs
  10. Truth = Kind Joy Ad Copy
  12. Romantic Love is Greedy? (Talking to God #1)
  13. Pure Love & Win-Win

Business Ethics

How to succeed in the world while more fundamentally succeeding as a human being?

How to pay for yourself and your loved ones while more fundamentally living in and through the joyful Light that alone Knows what matters?

Business Ethics (Applied Love)

  1. Ethical Business Model
  2. Pure Love & Win-Win
  3. Ethics Drop-Out (the difficulties of applied ethics)

A Case Study in Applied Love

Bartleby & Amble attempt to use their methods to improve the lot of a man with some unresolved issues. Will Pure Love exist? Will Something Deeperism help us relate more meaningfully to Pure Love? Does any of this jive talk actually work? Let’s find out!

[Since February 7, 2022 we’ve been releasing selections of this project on our Substack Newsletter []. In case you want a shorter, curated version.]

  1. Love Case Study – Introduction
  2. PL & SD – Quickstart
  3. What Ails Ya
  4. Health Goals
  5. Symptoms Redo
  6. Men, Women, And the Evil [Drags on a little. I’d skip this if I were you.]
  7. A Nice Girl
  8. Upstart (the revisions in Symptoms Redo above came after this post.)
  9. Possible Diagnoses

Love Poetry & Love Koans

Here we gather love poems by us and by others.

And koans intended to conquer with Pure Love so that every soul turns to face itself and recognizes that it is Pure Love and everyone else is too.

Hope it works!

Love Poetry Collection is its own page.

Below we share love koans and a discussion of love koans (Coming Soon

Meme Factory

Memes and their accompanying essays.

Meme Factory Link

Exploits of a Love Seller

The Pure Love business is not for the faint of heart-of-hearts!

  1. Day 1: Bartleby Tends the Shop
  2. Day 2: Lonesome Feeling
  3. Death of a Pure Love Raid
  4. Pure Love Audit Part 1: Background
  5. Pure Love Audit Part 2: The Audit/Crazy Bulshit