Cafe Tip Jar (Revised)

For a more artsy-flippant hat-pass: Original Cafe Tip Jar.

Hard-driving adman Bartleby Willard and his tiger-loyal editor Amble Whistletown never were and never will be. They do not know the complexities of a particular flesh-and-thought human existence.

However, their copyright holder is more corporeal. And he would like to be able to spend more time watching his fictitious friends create more art and thought. Hence this tip jar.

If you think this art ⁠— flawed and fledgling though it yet may be ⁠— adds some value to your world, please consider leaving a tip and/or making a purchase.


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What is this?: Another hilarious artsy BW/AMW collaboration
What should you do? We dunno, but we hope you’ll let it slide

Repenting of it all: We’ve exceeded ourselves; we’ve misunderstood the nuances; we’ve lost track of our hearts; we repent; we drop it all and beg for the chance to start from 0.