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Bartleby Willard’s the genius entrepreneur behind this can’t-fail start-up. He is researching, building, refining, and spreading Love all day every day!
His business obligations overwhelm and his importance takes on an immortal hue!

Please direct all inquiries to mere staff:
Amble Whistletown at Editor@PureLoveShop.com

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We discuss our books (Superhero Novella, A Readable Reader, First Loves, First Essays) at From-Bartleby. There you’ll also find an overview of our various endeavors: poetry, essays, NYC Journal entries, politics, philosophy, etc.

You can see the evolution of this site’s works at Chapters of the Logbook.

Here’s the Pure Love Industries Business Statement.

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Repenting of it all: We’ve exceeded ourselves; we’ve misunderstood the nuances; we’ve lost track of our hearts; we repent; we drop it all and beg for the chance to start from 0.