Love Poems


I love you.

Here’s some poems.

In three sections:
Poems by Bartleby Willard & Co.
Poems by dead poets
Poems by people like you and me

Love Poems by Bartleby Willard & Co.

In two sections:
More Spiritual Love
More Romantic Love

More Spiritual Love

1. Gentle Poem
2. Old Timey Hymn
3. Strange Martyrs
4. Conscious Pill
5. The Failure of Something Deeperism
6. What is Love? Poems
7. A Win Win Prayer
8. Pure Love Poem
9. Light Work (from Superhero Novella)

More Romantic Love

1. May I Have this Dance?
2. Eternal Sonnet
3. Your Madrigal
4. Come Here Please
5. The things in the water
6. Quick Question
7. Secret Sunrise Apology
8. i want to take you
9. The Politics of Romantic Love this love?
11. Two Notes
12. Susan’s Nose (from Superhero Novella)

More poems from Bartleby et al can be found here:
Bartleby’s Poetry Corner

Love Poems by Dead Poets

In two sections:
More Spiritual
More Romantic

We haven’t started this part yet. If you have any suggestions for good romantic and/or spiritual love poems, please email us at

Love Poems by People Like You & Me

Well, I dunno, anybody want to volunteer a poem?

The could write to us at — just make it clear that you are the author of the poem and we have the right to publish it on our Love Poems page.