Love Chooses Everyone

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This is an overview of ideas and articles related to our “Pure Love Chooses Everyone” ads and clothing designs.

With “Pure Love” we mean the eternal, infinite spiritual love that is One with Reality and in some sense is Reality. This Pure Love / Reality creates, sustains, love-lifts, and shines through all mind and matter. At the deepest level, we suppose Pure Love is also One with all mind/matter.

“Pure Love”, being an eternal and infinite spiritual Good, has no interest in anything but infinite, all-pervading, irrepressible kindness. As such, it embraces, rejoices in, love-lifts, and cares for everyone. Pure Love chooses everyone.

Our first “Pure Love Choose Everyone” ad. Includes an argument for the underlying logic and has pictures.
Our second “Pure Love Chooses Everyone!” advertisement. Confronts the concern that under this this policy, even underserving souls will be chosen by Pure Love. Includes pictures.
Ad for the “Pure Love chooses everyone.” clothing line.
Woman's T-shirt
Considering our first “Pure Love Chooses Everyone!” advertisement in light of Dr. Frank Lutz’s “Ten Rules for Effective Language”
A quick overview of various “Pure Love” clothing lines.

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