“Pure Love Chooses Everyone” Clothing Line

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[This is an ad for our Pure Love Clothing Designs & Totes, cards, and etc.
We also made some Romantic Love T-Shirts, although our primary focus is of course Pure Love, as It indiscriminately uplifts all in infinite shared joy; whereas romantic love is, as we all know, intrinsically iffy.]

What’s her secret??

The high quality, gently bending, softly clinging breathable cotton?
The bold but well-rounded wine-red lettering?

"PURE LOVE" in bright red letters.

Or is that magical, heavens-populating glow from stylishly and gracefully announcing the infinite, joyfully all-uplifting generosity of I Am That I Am everywhere life takes her?

Who can say?
Who dare even breathe as she floats wholesomely by?

Her, His, and Kids “Love Chooses Everyone” Ts
Pure Love leggings, totes, Ts
Romantic Love T-Shirts (sigh)
OR get the full treatment at PL Industries (Zazzle Store) info-carries greeting cards, T-shirts, & etc (mostly riffs on Pure Love and Something Deeperism)

An Ad for Pure Love, how it chooses everyone.

From-Bartleby.com is where we sell our books.
“Love at a Reasonable Price Volume 1: First Loves” is finally available, and it’s creating more buzz than a nectar-drunk hive:
“Pretty good so far. Maybe not so so many asides. What people want is a story.” — close relative of copyright holder
“I was liking it! Chuckled to myself on the ferry! I would’ve finished it, but I got caught up in this really great other book by some famous author, and then another one, and some amazingly insightful articles — there’s just so much great professional writing available these days! Great time to be a reader!” — other close relative of copyright holder.
You can still be the first person to read all the way through!
Hurry to Buy the Book!

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[Logbook Chapters]

Ad Copy by Bartleby Willard & Amble Whistletown
Copyright by Andrew Mackenzie Watson