PL Ad Copy #28: Pure Love Chooses Everyone!

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Hey you! What’s the matter?!

Victorian era lady looks upset on plush chair next to an open letter with a young girl off to one side trying in vain to get her attention.
“I am dejected!”

What’s going on?!?
Don’t you think life’s “Truly Good” in an Absolute / eternal / infinite sense??
Don’t you know deep within and shining all through that everything’ll work out in the end?!

High-walled, ivory-white, ornate-column Troy burns from the inside as hoards of sword, shield, and spear soldiers frenzy, the Trojan horse in the background, trapdoor open.
“My Troy’s on fire. The only home I can fathom chars the earth.

Feel abandoned?
The Fates rolling right over you?

A bald old man, dressed all in blue, sits with hands buried in face upon a wooden chair.
“I was not and will never be what I should have become.”

Wait a minute!
All this moping only make sense if Pure Love doesn’t exist!
This kind of heart-assented downtroddenness can only makes sense if a life’s worth is measured against earthly accomplishments!
What if we instead held all experience up to the Light?!?

An old man in Revolutionary-era wig, blue with gold jacket, and white ruffled shirt sits in a red satin chair at a small table in red satin. He holds a slightly crumpled manuscript in one hand, which he reads, glasses over noses, as he rests his soft chin on the thumb of his other hand.
“Rather than mad dash after every impression, I think it best to first seek clear insight into my situation.”

Take a Moment to Consider:

What is love? Where does it come from? What is it’s nature?
What is loving kindness? What is selflessness? What is compassion? What is wisdom?
Are these only words?
Do these words point towards nothing more than fizzy, unstable concoctions of human emotions and human daydreams about Reality?
OR COULD IT BE that words/concepts like “loving kindness” point—imperfectly but not therefore necessarily inadequately—towards a Truth we all sense within?
Granted: we lack the wisdom to fully grasp that Truth; but don’t we also lack the cluelessness to get the Truth 100% wrong?

[You should skip down to the end, past all this obsessive self-cajoling and never-ending self-circling.

We cannot intellectually and/or emotionally prove that life has meaning. However, we have no reason to suppose we are just ideas and feelings—no reason to suppose that sense of Pure Love within is just an illusion.

Within us all is a whole conscious moment blaring out in every direction.

Let us take all our observations as a whole; meditate upon it all; follow our inborn pushes towards awareness, clarity, honesty, accuracy, competency, kindness, and shared joy [the ways of thinking/feeling/acting required for human mind/hearts to understand, believe-in, and care-about their own thinking/feeling/acting]; and push out from within, reaching towards a more and more coherent overall sense [ideas, feelings, and everything else within a human conscious moment all communicating imperfectly but still meaningfully with one another] about our lives.

Pure Love: our Best Chance!

Pure Love is our only real hope for a life we can stand.

Suppose Pure Love is simultaneously Reality, Knowledge, Power, and Joyful Infinite Kindness, and that Pure Love shines through each conscious moment, adequately describing Itself to one’s whole conscious moment.
OK, then there’s a Path, a Way, a Meaning.

Suppose Pure Love isn’t real. Then all the fancy footwork in the world won’t give us a way that we can particularly understand, believe in, or care about.

So let’s push out from within, reaching with everything we have for whole-being insight (ideas, feelings and the inner Light all working together–imperfectly of course, but still relating to one another meaningfully) into how it is True that Pure Love is Real.

The Ad Continues:

Pure Love chooses everyone: the only possible Way forward.
Pure Love chooses everyone: it could be True!
Pure Love chooses everyone: the Reality that is also Knowledge, and that thus shines through our every conscious moment with the indisputable stamp of eternal infinite Truth.
Pure Love chooses everyone: worth a shot!
Pure Love chooses everyone: the impetus is the goal is the guardrails: awareness, clarity, honesty, accuracy, competency, kindness, compassion, shared joy: living in and through Pure Love, the love that chooses everyone.

Pure Love chooses everyone!!!!!
Let’s live in and through and for and by Pure Love.
Let’s let Pure Love explain to our feeling/thinking/acting that and in what way it is truer to say “Pure Love chooses everyone! We are all in this together” than it is to say “well, who knows if there’s even such a thing as Pure Love!”.

Two dragons winding in and out of a primordial mist; black ink on offwhite yellowing paper.
“This is all so strange, so creeping odd.” / “Yes, you’re right. So mysterious strange, and yet a kind of magic, a something wondrous pervades the whole and lifts us all up, out of danger, into the Light.” / “Times change. I wish I could hear Mr. Nathan Davis’ reaction. Even in his day he was always mystified by changes of life. ‘Curious works,’ he would say, ‘Curious works.'”

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Removed from the Ad Copy to make the Ad Copy more readable:

Logic and physical observations offer no clues to the meaning of life; but no other question actually matters to human beings.
Sure, we need to be physically, emotionally, and financially safe, and we long to really succeed in the standard sense of good job, love and family, real friendships, good food, pleasant vacations.
But the point of life lies underneath all that: what is it that if I have it, I can endure anything, but without it, nothing is enough?
Isn’t the answer to that riddle something along the lines of of “this Pure Love shining through my every conscious moment and which calls me to better and better understand and follow Its overflowing kindness”?