PL Ad Copy #30 – Elected Officials Prayer

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A prayer for people given positions of political power:

I have been given political power. I am given dominion over human life. Guide me, Good Light, guide me away from myself and into your Way.

Don’t let me fritter, flaunt, and fight my time and energy away. Force me up into calm abiding. Demand me up into awareness, clarity, honesty, accuracy, competence, loving kindness, shared joy, into understanding that we are all in this together and I have a sacred duty to stay calm, keep myself together, and keep seeking the Best for everyone.

Don’t let me screw around. Don’t let me show off. Don’t let me egotrip and vanity careen about. Lift me up every day, lift me up into the work and the vision: how to actually help, how actually help?

I’m but flesh and blood. I will soon melt and rot. I’ve been given this chance to push things towards the better or towards the worse. Help me push against internal and external corruptions. A mind easily knocked around by squalls of anger, pride, lazy skipado, sweltering self-aggrandization, fear, self-pity: that is a mind overly corrupted. A mind where power falls to the impulses to turn off, to look away, to lie, to cheat, to steal, to halfass squander, to grab, to hurt, to scream bloody bent-forward banshee murder: that is a mind overly corrupted. Push me away from that state of mind. Likewise for a government: help us to create a more calm, wise, competent, decent, decorum-rich government: a place where good impulses gain and maintain the guiding hand: a place where aware, clear, honest, considerate, competent, kind, thoughtful, compassionate, we-are-all-in-this-together thoughts and actions carry the day. Help us now. We’ve been given power: we asked for power and responsibility and gotten it: help us use it well.

There’s no perfection; corruption and wisdom are always things of degrees; there’s no point cynicking about ourselves or others: instead with every breathe we strive to find the best way possible for all God’s children, which is to say: for everyone.

I’m but flesh and blood. I’ll soon drop this mortal shell and know Your Mighty Judgement, whatever that is. Don’t let me waste soul on nonsense. Don’t let me waste my life on drink and indulge, on powertrip and egostorm. Make me better. Help me learn to help better and better. Help me find win-wins, help me live well and make politics a wholesomer game. There must be a competent kindness that actually helps; otherwise, there’s nothing in this life any of us can care two shakes about. Help us. Help us to all altogether move beyond hope and fear, into the work that lasts forever because we cling to nothing but the Light within, the Light that Knows every human being’s worth taking seriously.

We have no enemies except the lashing lizard lurching tail-snapping through all of us. We have no hero except the calm gentle wise Light shining clear and good through all of us. We only live once: help us to be kind to one another and enjoy our time here together living as moving, interconnected clumps of mind/matter.

What is the way forward?

Author: BW
Editor: AW
Producer: AW

[Logbook Chapters]

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