Pure Love – Clothing Line

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We decided to make several lines of clothing exclaiming “Pure Love”, and discussing related topics and possible definitions.

"Pure Love" in big red lettering.  "B. Willard's Lonesome Design Studio" in smaller black lettering.

Pure Love chooses everyone.

Pure Love (The Infinite Kindness that all earthly loves partake of to the degree they are real).

Pure Love Infinite Kindness (including a funny riff on the “Love” sweats with some kind of sassy saying on the rear that one sees all over the world nowadays.)

If you aren’t treating everyone well, you aren’t treating anyone well. Pure Love

If you don’t love everyone, you don’t love anyone. Pure Love

"PURE LOVE" in bright red letters.

You get the idea.

We long for a better relationship with the Light that knows that and in what way it matters what we say and do. But we’re just lonesome waterskimmers, skating on the creek like the bent-legged waterstriders we watched with eager eyes so cloudy-gray long ago with water brown glass.

How to make a business that helps you and other people to grow?

B. Willard sketches “B Willard’s Lonesome Design Studio”; we carry out some thought experiments; we walk around talking to ourselves; we try different things.

The collection’s called Wearable Considerations.

This site considers Pure Love elsewhere.
On the homepage, of course. But also Description & Usage, and FAQs, and It Doesn’t Seem To Be Working, and Pure Love Mogul, and I don’t know what all else!

This Logbook becomes a chapter book at Logbook of a Pure Love Mogul: Chapters

Author: Bartleby Willard
Editor: Amble Whistletown
Copyright: AM Watson