Truth = Kind Joy

[Love Notes / Lovebook] We decided to make a tagline for the site. “B. Willard’s Pure Love Shop Where Truth = Beauty = Goodness = Justice = Kind Joy = Hilarity” We’ve made several related products in our Zazzle Store Where does “Truth = Beauty = Goodness = Justice”? We venture a surmise in our upcoming Love at a Reasonable Price (Vol 1, First Loves): There is, however, one metaphysical puzzle I did satisfactorily solve: How does “Pure Love” relate to “Truth = Beauty = Goodness = Justice”? I remember the day I solved that ancient riddle. Stepping out of the grand grey oldworld-vaulting lecturehall, I squinted as the sun shone sharp and bright in a soft blue sky and all burst living-green and crouching-redstone around me. And then it hit me: the equation holds because it is pointing towards a sense-of-things prior to ideas and feelings and all specifics: a realm at our core that is simultaneously Reality and Knowledge—in that ur-consciousness shining through each conscious moment, all is one. A mind contemplating that poetic, mystical formula experiences an insight that’s droplet-beaded right at the point where one’s more typical, day-to-day logics and emotions flow into the deeper/wider/wiser aspect of thought that is prior to all specifics and is thus One. Of course! I let out a great whoop and, with a spin-giving flick of my wrist, tossed my straw skimmer high into the air. As the tan saucer, gusted here and there and once or twice billowed briefly upward, floated back towards me, I relished the summer sun, delighting in this dress-up game of flesh and mind. [“Love at a Reasonable Price: First Loves” (Theories of Pure Love > Love Theoreticians > Extracts)] Let’s consider the moment as timespace first intrudes, right as differentiation begins to takes off and make a mess, or at least an illusion, of everthing. Shouldn’t that moment shade perceptibly into the Oneness at the core and shining through all things?, into where Kind Joy, Pure Love, and Hilarity are all one infinite, unstoppable, relentlessly joyfully gentle and helpful giggle? What better spot from which to launch a great enterprise, even if one mired in the tawdry drip-drab smoggy halfassedness of commercial endeavors?? We thought so! To see the collection (T-shirts, mug, etc): Truth = Kind Joy. This Logbook becomes a chapter book at Logbook of a Pure Love Mogul: Chapters Author: Bartleby Willard Editor: Amble Whistletown Copyright: AM Watson [Love Notes has more on Pure Love & Win-Wins] [Lovebook has Love Notes, Win-Wins, Advertisements for Pure Love, & More] [This is a work of Something Deeperism]