Pure Love Ad Copy #1 – Sexuality Got You Down?

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Hey you!

Yeah, you!

Are you so lonely you can’t think straight?

Do all the people you think you could perhaps sate yourself upon politely overlook your googly-eyed alien-head-tilt smirks?

Unable to let those deepborn longings for sex and tenderness go, but also unable to meaningfully address them?

Have we got the cure-all for you!

Step right up! That’s right! Come on over! You needn’t be a slave to your twisted, mangled, gnarled and otherwise untenable drives!

That’s right! Because you can trade on up to
"PURE LOVE" in bright red letters.

Pure Love!
The love that actually loves, not some sweaty greedy, overhyped tantrum about how you need to be hugged like this, squeezed right there, coddled along those lines, praised in these terms … ! Pure Love! A kindness deeper and wider than all your pleasures and pains, burning happy-sunshine bright through the tumult with a steady, even, effective, gentle, intelligent, creative joy!

Pure Love! Because you’ll only enjoy human touch after accepting your humanity. Pure Love! Because you aren’t your drives, not even your drives for love; you are Pure Love Itself: the joy that chooses all, the clear kind wisdom that lifts everyone up as It surges forever forward!


Brand tie-ins:
Because we’re not wise;
we’re only chopped and fallen apart:
Clothes Extolling Pure Love
B. Willard’s Pure Love Shop.


The hopelessness of our endeavor reminds us of miles of light green river weed. It resembles heaps of crinkled holiday crepe paper, but is much softer, more gelatinous and slippery, and most of all much stronger and more elastic. Out legs are all atangled, and our desperate-throes panicking cinches the cold slimy lace tighter and tighter, cutting deeper and deeper into our poor exhausted legs!!

To sell Pure Love! To sell what the Great God gives away for free and what we mortals receive precisely to the degree we let It overtake our thinking/feeling/acting?!?! What were we thinking!?!? Oh God, forgive us! Oh God, help us!


Author: B. Willard
Editor: A. Whistletown
Copyright Holder / Distant Onlooker: A. Watson