Pure Love Chooses Everyone! . . . Wait a minute! Everyone!?!?

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A sketch of women tossing people up in the air with a big tarp.
“Fun! Fun! Fun! It’s fun that we’re all adored by Godlight!”

Great news! Pure Love won’t let anyone slide through the cracks! The Light that creates, sustains, shines through, and love-lifts all creation will not quit until every bit of consciousness is brought into infinitely overabundant joyous creative kind fun. That is to say: Pure Love won’t stop until we all enter as full members into Its infinite giggle — the selfsame mirth that creates, sustains, shines through, and love-lifts all creation.

A painting of a dissolute 1600s Dutch household. Drinking, smoking, raucous evil-eyed laughter.
“Wait, wait, wait! Pure Love chooses these chumps!?!? Wait!”

But wait? Is that great news? Is that fair? What about my crabby neighbor? What about the sinners I’ve read about? The ones I’ve met? The ones who’ve done me wrong? They shouldn’t be chosen by Pure Love! And indeed, don’t the scriptures clearly state that many are called, but few are chosen?

A painting of melting, broken, abstracted man.
That’s right! Suffer for the sorry state of your soul! Hah!

Fair? We have another ad discussing our humanly just desserts (Should We Consume What We Deserve?). But for now, let’s set aside value conjectures and focus on the facts:
The Great God, or The Light, or Pure Love, or the Buddha Nature, or whatever we in our limited way appell this infinite Friend, does not (cannot) cheat. Only 100% Pure Love enters the Kingdom. Everything else is indeed burned away.
So, yes, Gentle Consumer & Sweet Adwriter: A great deal of what you/I currently think you/I are/am will not make the final cut as — except, perhaps, as a musing recollection upon all that has-been / never-really-was.

A bust of Marsayas, very upset at being flayed alive.
“What I’m trying to do is think: if my body and my brain are destroyed and I’m left with only my most essential self, what’s that? What’s that that I’m left being?”

Pure Love does indeed call everyone. And to the degree we harken to Its kindly calling and orientate our feelings, ideas, words and deeds around the Pure Love shining within and through all things; to that degree we flow in, through, for, and in some sense as Pure Love.

It may take a while, but eventually all egotrips will be dissolved and only the Love we live and are will survive. For some of us that will be a more drastic change than for others. However, we’re all working on the same process towards the same goal. The end is inevitable because Pure Love cannot lose; and Pure Love chooses everyone.

What Pure Love chooses is Itself as It shines in and through everything and everyone.

Pure Love is growing Joyful Kindness ever brighter, overtaking all conscious space until we are all together as one Light — perhaps in some sense recalling the different old daydreams, but in no way bound by them.

A drawing of a short fat man dancing, a dog on hind legs also dancing, and a tall thin man fiddling. Both men are in tailed and waistcoated suits and tophats a la 1800s.
“Under these circumstances, how could we not dance for joy and gratitude?”

The Great God is no more free to deviate from Its nature as anything else.

But Its Nature is all there really is, and so Its Nature is Itself and It is both doing and being infinite compassionate mirthful creative joy. The Great God cannot lose, and the Great God is Pure Love and Pure Love is Infinite Kindness and Infinite Kindness chooses to help everyone infinitely.

There is therefore no point talking about whether you should’ve gotten 10 denarii of Pure Love whereas this other person, with more sins to expatiate, should’ve only gotten 1 denari of Pure Love or none at all. That sort of talk makes no sense when you’re dealing with infinitely kind joyful creative fun.

a 1900s Norwegian fisherman in a sturdy square deep blue sweater/coat/dress and a strange puffy-topped hat (looks kind of like a chef's hat), also colored with the same striking blue. Resting on a staff with a pipe in his mouth, head bent slightly down but eyes beaming up and out.
Actually, live and let live is a personal obsession of mine. So —

In conclusion, Pure Love chooses everyone, and that is a lucky break for us all.

End of this particular advertisement.

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First Image is Female Folly by Francisco Goya. Made sometime 1815-23. I found it on the Public Domain Review.

Second Image is The Dissolute Household (ca. 1663) by Jan Steen.

Third Image is a self-portrait of Egon Schiele (1911) from the MET.

Fourth Image is Marsyas (ca. 1860-5) by Balthazar Permoser at the Met.

Fifth Image is ? Where did I get that one?

Final image is Marcus Selmers Photos of 19th Cent Norwegians from the MET. I found it on Public Domain Review

This has been another hilarious philosophical and metaphysical joke from Bartleby Willard & Amble Whistletown, specialists in spiritual humor.

They are wise enough to know that either aware, clear, honest, accurate, competent, joyfully sharing kindness is the way forward or we human-things have no possible way to think and act that we can understand, believe in, or care about; that such a Perfect Reality cannot be known literally/definitively/1:1-ily by us limited mortals; but that from that limitation it does not necessarily follow that one’s thought-as-a-whole (ideas, feelings, and Light within and through all things — all interacting meaningfully though of course not perfectly together) can’t organize itself better and better around the Light within; allowing for one’s thought-as-a-whole to gain more and more whole-being insight (ideas, feelings, and the Light all relating adequately though not perfectly together) into that and in what way it is true to say “aware, clear, honest, accurate, competent, joyfully sharing kindness is the way forward”.

In short, they’re wise enough to know they need to try harder, but still go easy on themselves and others.

Here, then, the prayer of Bartleby Willard and Amble Whistletown:

“We pray for more wisdom so that we can do a better job of living — even if it is ultimately true that we are only fictional beings, and that no one involved in any of our projects exists. However, does this make us poor imaginary-world sinners appreciably different from all you poor real-world sinners? Aren’t we all the just outermost undulations of the Great God’s mighty rolling laughter? For what’s really Real except for the Light?”

This has been another art project from Bartleby Willard and Amble Whistletown. The thoughts and views therein belong to no one.

Author: Bartleby Willard / Editor: Amble Whistletown / Copyright AM Watson