Pure Love: More Effective Than a Rowboat Bath

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A middle-aged man in the an old-fashioned footed tub is pulling on what looks like a dustpan full of water attached by an elastic cord to the faucet area somehow. He is leaning back and grimace-smiling gratefully towards the camera. His hair is short and sloping back with the wet.
“Yes Indeed! In fact, the physical enjoyment shades into emotional/intellectual into spiritual joy at life!!!”

“What if I got a Rowboat bath and took one every day? What if I felt the warm energetic spray against my chest and face like at the beach, but in the comfort of my own home and without any chance of jelly fish, seaweed, or other sea-nuisances? Wouldn’t that be invigorating? Isn’t that just the thing I’ve been looking for all these years? Isn’t that the missing piece?

Maybe, dear Consumer. Maybe.

But if we could make a suggestion:

A vague longing drives us on and on, attaching first to this particular-solution, and then to that one. It is a type of trick, put their by that old seductress Madame Nature to drive us on and on, never satisfied, always itchy needing a scratch. And that’s all very well and good in the same way any other natural happenstance is.But its’ no reason we mere humanthings can’t be truly happy.

An early-1900s baseball player from team Philly winds back to throw. Stern eyes and a broad and full but not-quite handlebar mustache.

“I love baseball! I love sports, sportiness, and sportsmanship! But what I love most of all is Pure Love, because without It, all loves are misguided and hopeless!”

Why not go straight to the source of all satisfaction? Of true joy? Of life-overflowing?” Why not choose an infinitely expanding wisdom and joy-at-life? The old dogged sting of directionless longing will remain, but overwhelmed by calm compassionate fun-filled gimme-less joy.

Why not choose Pure Love? Why not go for The Joyful YES that chooses us all, unflaggingly accepting and rejoicing in each and every one of us little mortal wights, shepherding us all gently home, into the bosom of it all, into the Love that only gives, that does not push away or pull towards, but that only accepts and rejoices in the friendship of all creation. Why not give Pure Love a try?

Purple and white flowers. A photo that was hand-painted. This all happened a long time ago.

“Flowers are beautiful: they partake of Beauty to an appreciable degree.”

End of this particular advertisement.

[Logbook Chapters / Pure Love Ad Campaign]

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First Image from A Rowboat Bath. From 1916. A product that did not take off. I found it on the Public Domain Review.

Second Image from Posed pictures of 19th Century Baseball players. I found it on the Public Domain Review.

Third Image from Ogawa Kozumasa’s Hand-Colored Photos of Flowers. From 1896. I found it on the Public Domain Review.

This has been another hilarious philosophical and metaphysical joke from Bartleby Willard & Amble Whistletown, specialists in spiritual humor.

They are wise enough to know either aware, clear, honest, accurate, competent, joyfully sharing kindness is the way forward, or we human-things have no possible way to think and act that we can understand, believe in, or care about; that such a Perfect Reality cannot be known literally/definitively/1:1-ily by us limited mortals, but that that limitation that doesn’t mean one’s thought-as-a-whole (ideas, feelings, and Light within and through all things — all interacting meaningfully though of course not perfectly together) can’t organize itself better and better around the Light within, allowing for one’s thought-as-a-whole to gain more and more whole-being insight (not literal, but able to relate well enough to literal-thought to point adequately well towards a useful [for oneself and others] poetic sketch of what’s really going on, what really matters, and how we should really be) into that and in what way it is truer to say “we are all in this together and should treat ourselves and each other with respect and kindness and joyful gratitude” than it is to say “who knows what’s going on?” or to say “we aren’t all in this together”, and also into that in and what way it is true to say “aware, clear, honest, accurate, competent, joyfully sharing kindness is the way forward”.

In short, we are wise enough to know we need to try harder, but also go easy on ourselves and others. We pray for more wisdom so that we can do a better job of living, even if it is ultimately true that we are only fictional beings, and that no one involved in any of our projects exists. However, does this make us poor imaginary-world sinners any different from all you poor real-world sinners? Aren’t we all but the merest the outer undulations of the Great God’s mighty rolling laughter? For what’s really Real except for the Light?

This has been another art project from Bartleby Willard and Amble Whistletown. The thoughts and views therein belong to no one.

Author: Bartleby Willard / Editor: Amble Whistletown / Copyright AM Watson