I have to redo the Symptoms page.

Why? It was fine.

Yeah, you had plenty of complaints.

We might even cut some out.

Just the doubles — no need for you to be there for that.

I woke up at 5AM with the hurt, but it was just a hurt emanating out of my gut. There were no seat belts. Seat belts are rare. And usually not at 5AM, but only when somehow I’m caught off guard. If I wake up with the hurt and try to wade down into it, I get hit from the inside.

OK, noted.

No, I have to redo the whole thing. I also left out a lot of stuff because it seemed too personal, but at least some of that needs to be included. Otherwise, we can’t dig into the problem.

Having to get everything just so counts as a symptom.

Oh! Good one! Touche!

That’s what they wanted to do: pin everything on OCD and other habits and/or compulsions of thought and feeling. But that’s part of why I broke with the medical community, and scientists and their executioners in general: They sent me on a wild goose chase and gave me drugs that hurt my brain. They did this so they could pretend to be useful and continue harvesting money and prestige.

That’s a serious over-simplification and over-generalization, and you know it!

You’re just scared because you know I’m going to expose your incompetence as well as theirs!

Hah! As if!

Yeah! We’re much to competent for that!

How long have you been farting around about Pure Love and Something Deeperism? And what good did it ever do anyone?

A lot! A lot good!

Well, it would! If people would take it seriously!

Something Deeperism has the power to heal the national divide by constantly reminding everyone that the way forward together is to together prioritize the eternal values — awareness, clarity, honesty, accuracy, competence, loving kindness, gentle resolve, and joyful togetherness.

Easy as that! No worldview is meaningful to anyone except to the extent it adheres to those principles, so let’s not sacrifice them for anything!

And boom! Trump’s attempt to undo democracy in favor of a trumpocracy is undone.

Because protecting honesty and clarity in our national discourse; a free press; and transparency, power-sharing and anti-corruption in government all clearly follow from prioritizing those values and while sharing oversight of a shared government.

All we’re asking is that you get healed at a reasonable pace, so we can move on to vaster, more world-historical cures.

Tyrants twist the eternal values. And we workaday fools also trick ourselves about what the eternal values really are and value, and we also get tricked by others about them.

Yeah, but this is different. Because we understand how thought works, that there is no literal knowledge of Reality, but only a more or less coherent organization of feeling and thinking around a Light within.

Do you even hear yourself? You think you’ve discovered the principles underlying any meaningful-to-humans feeling/thinking/acting; but everyone else will only hear either mumbo jumbo or a philosophy and/or religion (depending on their persuasions) — and most people at least to some degree use their philosophies and religions to feel better about their own behavior than they should.

That’s why we have the safeguards — humility, kindness, we’re all in this together, the insight that no Truth that is anything but kind and gentle towards everyone could ever be meaningful to humans (which implies that even if such a cruel Truth were found, it could not be used coherently, and so any such believed discoveries have to be rejected as either false or useless).

Minus the confusing philosophical asides, all religions have those safeguards! And they are routinely abused!

That’s the whole point of Something Deeperism! That’s the whole point of a minimal dogmatism: not because other worldviews are necessarily false, but because people use details and/or misunderstandings of topics that no human can literally understand to distract from the eternal values that we can all at least basically understand and agree upon.

He thinks he’s arguing against Something Deeperism, but he’s actually arguing in favor of it!

I know! It’s crazy, right?

Sigh. I’m just going to redo the Symptoms page.

What page?

Author: Bartleby Willard
Editor: Amble Whistletown
Copyright: AM Watson