Loving Kindness Meditation

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This is a loving kindness meditation and a “We’re all in this together.” prayer.

We open up the gut/belly, at the shoulders, and at the center line from the sex up through the gut and chest and neck through to the crown. We open up everywhere and let the Light in. With a breath we let the Light in; and open up our body and inner-body and conscious space as wide as possible, filling everywhere with Light. Starting from the gut and center line we push out from within, exploding the Light in all directions, letting ourselves experience the Light as Love.

We repeat a few times to ground ourselves in the Light / Love.

We feel our whole inner-body and accept all its feelings. We feel within that inner-body the Light filling it, as if there were within us a being of Light or just infinite Light shining through all things, including us. We say to this inner-world and the outer-aspects of our heart/mind/body: “I love you and want the best for you. I love you and pray you health, happiness, true success, good relationships, wisdom, real love, kind delight and infinite joy.”

Or something like that. It doesn’t need to be those words. It can be just the first bit and a sense of this overall message: “I love you. I want the best for you. I pray that you grow and receive mental/material health, safety, and thriving; meaningful and helpful relationships; and spiritual wisdom, kindness, and joy.”

We don’t have to think any words. We are holding the whole of our inner world and communicating to it at a level deeper than language. Language can help guide this, but the main thing is the sense-of-things words like “I love you; may you be well in body, heart, mind, and spirit” point imperfectly but not therefore inadequately towards. Maybe that last one is the best. It is succinct. Again, the words are just guidelines. We’re trying to focus our loving attention on our own inner world. “I want the best for you” may be the best — so long as we have some clear conception of what that means (spiritual/mental/emotional/physical well-being / thriving / joyful awareness).

Then we repeat with people close to us, working to focus simultaneously on our whole being (the Light shining through the inner-body and feelings and ideas within conscious space, out into words and deeds and our outer-body) and the whole being of the other person. We are focusing on both our essence as the Light / Love explodes throughout it, merging us with the Light / Love shining through all things. And the other person’s essence, which likewise explodes with Light / Love and thus merges with the One Light / Love.

We push out from within, shoulders back, chest out. We are asking that they find the path best for them. We are praying with our whole being to their whole that they find the way forward that is best for their whole beings.

And we mix it up by simultaneously exploding the loving concentration to many people, to the whole world. And by relaxing into nothing and by forming up again into a prayer that we all find our way together, that we all grow in Light and Love, in joyful effective wise kindness together.

We try to include a mix of people we know well and people we don’t know so well. If it seems like it might be helpful, we can include people we don’t know at all, like politicians — both those we agree with and those we don’t agree with. We are trying to understand and feel and accept and grow with our inner sense that we humans are all in this together and should love and respect one another and be gentle with each other and grow together.

Author: Charles Bohem
Editors: Amble Whistletown & Bartleby Willard
Copyright: Andy Watson

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