[Love Notes / Lovebook]

This wisdom wide and bright
that we would seek — a Light
clear shining through dark forest here —
where we in slippers pour our cheer —
our morning tea, our evening beer. Because
we can and habit rows & shoves us up
on sandy river bank (!we loves our cup!).

This wisdom clear and kind
which us would find & bind
together all in mind and heart
to make pure love our timeless art?
We want it! Yet, we don’t. We start. We stop.
?Could soul us bid from snugbug hearth to hop?
?Might insight our prow into rough seas drop?

This friendship universal
all error in reversal
how beautiful, I’m sure.
but my neighbor’s such a pain!
too loud & shrugs when I complain.
There’s always a new bum to bag
my dimes while I to work I drag
I just want baby doll
to give her my all
to hold her sweet love
safe ‘n near, and above
the rest of you lot!

oh dear

How to want Goodness to be real?
How to accept the wager of Goodness?
What does it amount to?
We don’t know what wisdom will command
and we can never be sure it is truest wisdom that we’ve found.
For all we know, there’s a deeper wisdom where I get to marry her and we’re safe forever and I can tend my little garden and not worry so much about all this measuring of truth and Truth, of good and Good, of love and Love. And now I’m missing out on that because some daydreamed salvation has nailed me to this lonely path!

What are you talking about? What baby doll? What lonely path? What are you talking about? Are you pretending to be Soren Kierkegaard? Is this another of your strange jokes?

Hear this: We make art as best we can. That’s all we do here. That’s the project. Only art and only as best we can.

Mark it!, if you would be so kind.

Authors: The Princess’s Players
Editors: of course they’re Bartleby Willard & Amble Whistletown!
Copyright: Oh, hand it to AM Watson, he imagines he needs it

We’re going to have to talk about the Hurt

No, I don’t want to. It’s not forthcoming and no one wants to hear it

It’s the only way forward

I don’t know what to say about the Hurt

Authors: BW/AW
Copyright: AMW

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