What Ails Ya

[Love Case Study]

OK, so you’ve heard a bit about the cure:

Pure Love, accessed by the practice of Something Deeperism:

Organize your feeling, thinking and acting better and better around the Pure Love within and shining through all things — including your own conscious moment. This way, the one thing that actually Knows anything at all can guide you. So you have a firm foundation for feeling, thinking, and acting. To the degree you are not guided by this in- and through-dwelling wisdom, you slip and slide in animal hoots and hollers and random conjectures, unable to fully hide from the fact that you are meaningless-to-yourself and have no meaningful-to-you way of choosing one feeling/thought/action over another.

Of course, Pure Love is prior to ideas and feelings, so you cannot translate it perfectly into ideas and feelings; but in time, through meditation, prayer, and treating yourself and others with kindness and respect, you can get better and better at flowing meaningfully into and out of the Pure Love shining through all things.

This practice is bounded by our self-knowledge that no Truth can be meaningful to us except insofar as that Truth helps us feel/think/act aware, clear, honest, accurate, competent, kind, respectful, compassionate, effectively nurturing and helpful, and joyfully together — so we know that to the extent we stray from that kind of feeling/thinking/acting, we become meaningless to ourselves and cannot make any progress, even if it were possible to literally “know” the Truth (because knowledge without insight is meaningless/useless).

In short, the cure is whole-being insight (ideas, feelings, words and deeds all interacting meaningfully with themselves and with the divine Light shining through each conscious moment) into that and in what way it is True to say, “We are all in this together — for real!”

We’ve elsewhere advanced many and sundry Explications of and Motivations for Something Deeeperism, but it is not a philosophy with an intellectual proof. We can demonstrate why pursuing a nondogmatic and self-critiquing spiritual path is advisable for self-coherency (meaningfulness-to-oneself: so you can travel with your own feeling/thinking/acting to your own conclusions), but the proof of the Truth of Pure Love and Something Deeperism’s general sketch of how we should relate to Pure Love, is of course experiential. Pure Love is the main seed, the center of the process, and the primary fruit of growing in wisdom.

Any questions?

“No, thanks. Thank you very much. It’s a very clear and attractive wisdom path.”

Yes, yes, we think so.

So, you’re cured then? Should we … Is he cured?

No. Not so quick! I wouldn’t think. Of course, it is a powerful philosophy, but still … You’re not 100% cured yet, are you?

“No, I don’t think so. I still don’t know how to deal with all the jangles inside of me and the pressures I feel — rightly or wrongly — squishing in on all external sides.”

Ah! Too bad!

Maybe if he spent some time contemplating — I say, what if you were to meditate on Pure Love for a bit and then get back to us.

“Well, OK, I could try … how does one do that?”

Push out from within. And harken to the divine Light lining the back of every moment and coating inside and out all the passion that explodes through your conscious moment.

“OK, let me … It hurts. I just feel so much hurt pouring out of my pit, through my chest, through my being. It’s hard to know where the love is, and where within that, the Pure Love would be.”

Hmmm. You’re a tough case. This one’s a tough nut to crack!

Yeah! We laid out the philosophical-to-spiritual-to-philosophical path to him clear as day! And still he comes at us with all this inchoate whimpering!

“I’m sorry, I just can’t seem to … If I go too deep within myself, it’s like I am hit by a shovel or a squadron of hoplites, shields clankingly enmeshed and spears thrusting in uniform — I get hit from the inside and kicked out of myself. It makes it hard to concentrate on the core of my conscious moment. So it’s a difficult treatment for me — at least on my own, without any kind of a … hug … or … something … like a friend.”

Hmmm. I dunno. They didn’t tell us we were going to be working with a wimp.

Nope! No mention of a baby wah wah.

Not really fair. To us.

No, but maybe … I mean, just imagine we can help this bag o’ moans — you know, that would be a real victory for Something Deeperism!

I was hoping to by now we’d be able to move on from personal Something Deeperism to group Something Deeperism. Like fix the whole country.

No, I think we have to keep working on this guy’s personal issues. Unless … you’re problems aren’t fixed yet, are they?”

“Uh, I mean, it, no, it wouldn’t be fair to say that my personal issues have been resolved.”

Still a baby, then. Not cured at all!

OK. Hmmm. … When the goin’ get’s tough, the tough get goin’ !

Don’t they just! We’re going to have to dig a little deeper. But first, let me ask you something: Do you want to be cured? Do you even want to get well?

“I would say that what I want is to be allowed to hurt, and to be held and comforted and cared for and believed and believed in when I hurt. What I want is to be able to feel what I feel, but not alone anymore. I want someone to be there with me. I want a break from the loneliness, from dealing with this inner pain on my own.”

Well, there’s our problem: We can’t cure a patient that doesn’t want to be cured!

Our powers are great, but not unlimited.

“Don’t cure me! Help me to grow in wisdom and let me find my own way forward! That’s what Something Deeperism’s supposed to do, right?”

He’s got a point.

And Something Deeperism is supposed to be for everyone — not just tough-guy, broken-nosed, python-abs warrior adventurer jocks like us.

So tell us more symptoms.

Yeah, lay it on us. What’s wrong with you? Make a list.

[Love Case Study]

Author: Bartleby Willard
Editor: Amble Whistletown
Copyright: Andrew Mackenzie Watson