Pure Love is essential to spiritual health. But how does spiritual health relate to emotional, mental, and physical relate? In this section we discuss all aspects of health.

  1. Physical Health
  2. Healthy Recipes
  3. Emotional/Mental/Spiritual Health
  4. Organizational & Group Health

Physical Health

This section covers any issues that are at least largely rooted in the human body. There is of necessity some overlap with the emotional/mental/spiritual category below.

  1. Reverse Memory Loss Naturally (Just an Outline So Far)
  2. Regular versus Alcohol-Free Wine: Benefits & Risks (A report)
  3. Covid-19 & Alcohol (A case-study confessional)
  4. Get Some Sun, Not Too Much (A work in progress)

Healthy Recipes

  1. Healthy Popcorn Recipe
  2. Healthy French Toast
  3. Healthy Egg Cream Soda
  4. 7-Up, Lithium & Soda as Tonic

Emotional, Mental, & Spiritual Health

This is the main focus of this website. How to better relate ideas and feelings to the Light within, so we can better and better flow to and from our inner source of wisdom. But mind and body are interrelated, as our individuals and groups. (Mind and body flow into each other via emotion/feeling; mind flows into spirit via awareness; individuals flow into groups via compassion.) So this section also flows of necessity in and out of the other sections.

Lovebook Chapters includes sections on this topic. We link to those and other pages below.

  1. Loving Relationships
  2. A Love Case Study seeks to apply Something Deeperism to help an individual heal himself
  3. We also have a whole Something Deeperist Institute (Warning: Wonky)
  4. It could be argued that Ads for Pure Love fits into this section.

Organizational & Group Health

This section has a lot of disparate pieces that we are still trying to organize.

Definition of an Ethical Business Model (Article)

NYC Journal – Politics has a lot of articles and essays.
We explore political philosophy in essays like The US is a Shared Culture, I don’t know what to say about complex systems, and Representative Democracy is a Spiritual Good (Warning: Crazy Wonky).
We discussed political moments in pieces like A Fun New War (essay discussing the best response to Russian interference in our elections) and Trump’s Threat to Democracy (article / link collection).
As you can see, we’re still, as of Winter 2022, having trouble reentering the political moment. It is a painful one, though that’s really probably an adequate excuse.

The Something Deeperism Institute has some essays on group philosophy:
A Simpler Shared Something Deeperism & Duties of Republic’s Citizenry

And you could again argue that Ads for Pure Love belongs in this category, along with our long essay on the relationship between longing, spirituality, and advertising: Pure Love For Sale

Author: Bartleby Willard
Editor: Amble Whistletown
Copyright: Andrew Mackenzie Watson