Santa’s Gift of Pure Love Card

Santa looks sporty in this full length green wool coat, with gift basket, gifts, and Christmas tree, walking over a sknow-touched bridge in the gentle country parish.

Right side: (in wine-red elegantly swooping Parisian font) Pure (and then in firm, clean, well-footed Life Roman font) Love

What is Pure Love?
The infinite eternal spiritual good that all earthly loves partake of insofar as they truly love. 
The undifferentiated, self-creating One Light that creates, sustains, shines through, and uplifts the infinite interconnected expanse of creation.
God / Buddha Nature / Reality
The Love that only gives, that is infinite joyful creation, aka: infinite joyful giving.

How can we give Pure Love as a gift?
Oh, but come now! Pure Love is all that truly exists and It surges ever forward, carrying us all into Its great merriment of shared joy and compassionate fun. How could we not give Pure Love? Try as we might, we mortals can’t stand in Its way: Pure Love bounds through all things, even us—even us poor meagre shy-eyed wretches!

What is this?
Another artsy joke from Bartleby Willard of Skullvalley After Whistletown, Bookmaker’s Extraordinaire. For more antics see [where we sell the books we write] and [where we hawk Pure Love, as well as whimsical gift items like greeting cards, T-shirts, and totes.

Author: B. Willard / Editor: Amble Whistletown / Copyright: Andrew Mackenzie Watson

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