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Here we collect some advertisements for Pure Love, which sometimes shade into essays about the nature of human desire; the (why mince words?) spirit-undermining con of advertising; what is and is not True; and/or the nature of human communication.

For an intro on these topics, follow our obsessions to Advertising is like whatever.

Here we admit what everyone already knows: we’re all the same here: some distance from the Light and duty-bound to close the gap as much as we can.

Pure Love For Sale is part ad, part product description & how to, part confession, part disclaimer, part party!
Pure Love: More Effective than Classy Sneakers! is the first in our evolving “More Effective than” ad campaign.

Pure Love Chooses Everything: An Ad with a little too much Something Deeperism; and an analysis of the “Pure Love Chooses Everything” tag line:

  1. Pure Love Chooses Everyone
  2. Introducing “Pure Love Chooses Everyone” [We analyze the tagline “Pure Love Chooses Everyone” in terms of Dr. Frank Lutz’s “Words That Work”.]

Customer Testimonial (riff on that docu-drama customer-testimonial ad genre)

Our Brash Commercialism Grows More Blatant / Rampant

  1. PL Chooses Everyone Clothing Line. [Compelling ad copy for clothing that tells it like is.]
  2. Truth = Kind Joy. [Philosophical explanation of / excuse for our “B. Willard’s Pure Love Shop Where Truth = Beauty = Goodness = Justice = Kind Joy = Hilarity” tagline.]
  3. Pure Love Clothing Line. [A short discussion of the series of “Pure Love” designs we put on Zazzle.]
  4. Greeting Cards. [mostly riffing on Pure Love and Something Deeperism.]
  5. SK & RO discuss “Objectively Cute”. Not directly an ad for Pure Love, but we’ve long been vexed by the general neglect of this fascinating philohistorical discussion of Wander Albatross Press’s Objectively Cute Baby Onesie between Soren Kierkegaard & Regine Olsen!

Whipping Chaotically Around to our original Pure Love Ad / Essay Against Advertising

Years ago we authored a long ad/essay comparing and contrasting the sale of Pure Love with more standard advertising flim-flammery: Pure Love for Sale??. It’s kind of like the intro essay linked to above, but more lyrical, more focused on advertising, and more likely to end with an actual ad for Pure Love.

[We’ve also written a startling-lot of essays on Something Deeprism (the general worldview that there is a Truth and humans can have insight into It—just not literal/definitive/exclusive insight into It). For more than you want to read on the subject, check out our Something Deeperism Institute. (Bonus: A few of the page’s first essays have been edited!)]

A long discourse on this one essay we thought turned out well. (Not directly about PL)

So terrifically upset by the twisting snapping rubbling-down sounds we hear within the USA; so woefully woebegone by the overpowering jaws of lobbying money, political marketing, distortion slip-sliding deep into outright dishonesty, frustration, anger, cynicism, unfairness, profiteering, physical dangers real and imagined, and all the other chaos and corruption in the machine; so feckless wandering lost, meaning to somehow help somebody sometime and to preserve and improve the interrelated systems of culture, politics, government, the law, and private and public institutions for ourselves and our fellows; wondering wide but tripping shallow as we ask how our shared systems can be better nurtured by universal spiritual values–since (A) forcing spiritual dogmas on everyone just leads to leaders and followers alike lying to themselves and others about the most fundamental aspects of their conscious experiences, thereby corrupting both themselves and the interwoven systems we’re seeking to decorrupt; and yet (B) people need some shared spiritual values (as in: “actually: things like awareness, accuracy, honesty, competence, open hearts and minds, and loving kindness: values like that are not up for debate, but actually do Matter”) in order to work coherently and meaningfully together within the insight that we are all in this together, all bound in and through the Light together:

So utterly lost and at a loss, Bartleby Willard attempted many responses to our political moment. The responses tripped over themselves and nose-dived into the unforgiving jagged seaside granite. But here’s an essay that almost worked: A Fun New War

[Logbook Chapters]

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