Card #3 – Flow of History Christmas Card

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We’re going into the greeting card business.
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Here’s our third card, called Flow of History Christmas Card“Flow of History Christmas Card”:

Jesus ascends into heaven. An angel points heavenward. A Roman soldier flees.
Front of “Flow of History” Christmas card – Painting is “The Resurrection” by N. Coypel.

Inside Card:

None of us can stop this chain of events, so we may as well wish one another:

A Very Merry Christmas!

And, thrown in at no additional charge:

A Happy New Year!

It’s OK.
History and her stories will run their course.
Time and her Chance will tie their laces.
God and her Fates will laugh their laps.

Let’s not worry about it.
Let’s just do the best we can.


Product Description:
What happened?
Who remembers?
It is what it is.
Let’s make the most of it and wish one another a Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!
What’re you gonna do?

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Critical Review
On the front is Jesus in his glory, having recently defeated death for himself and for all believers. Mere humans are shocked and awed, scurrying away. On the inside is a “hey, wat’cha gonna do?” shoulder shrug about the flow of history and her tellings. “Let’s not worry about it. Let’s just do the best we can do.” Again we see the author’s monomania for Something Deeperism: we’re not going to figure it all out; we can’t get all the angles; but that’s not the point anyway. Mixing modern and ancient systems for understanding reality (History & stories / Time & Chance / God & Fates, but with the modern subversion of God as a “her”) furthers the Something Deeperist vision: none of these human constructions–neither the ones that now seem quaint and gone, nor the currently fashionable ones–really KNOW (because, subtext: they are all just human constructions). Again, as a platform for the advocacy of Something Deeperism, the card works; but as a Christmas card, not so much. People don’t want Christmas cards to challenge cultural norms. They want to gently flow along with cultural norms into a friendly little “hello”.

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Author: Bartleby Willard
Editor: Amble Whistletown
Copyright: AM Watson