PL Ad #3 – Corruption Growing?

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Is corruption growing in you and/or the systems wherein you shelter?

There’s nothing more discouraging than watching an environment — be it your conscious moment, organization, city, or nation-state — evolve away from the kindly rigor that prizes and promotes aware, clear, honest, effective, generous, kind, and joyfully alive thought and action; and towards the bloated stupid boring cruelty that prizes and promotes unaware, confused, dishonest, inefficient, thieving, cruel, and depraved desperate prideful lust-gusting thought and action.

So discouraging!

It just gets worser and worser, don’t it? Every time we let the ego-trip take the stage and steal the scepter from clear-light loving-kindness. Every time we award the contract to the desperate-urge thugs who pay us off with both the pleasure of friendly-indulgences and the pleasure of freedom from their violent, madcap anger. Every time we accept cheating, we make our environment—be it an individual soul and/or a shared organization/space—a little more amenable to cheating and a little less amenable to thinking and acting clearly and well.


A Quick Definition:

More corruption is when it is easier for bad impulses to gain prestige and power. Less corruption is when it is easier for good impulses to gain prestige and power. A less corrupt individual or group is a place where aware, clear, honest, fair, decent, competent, generous, sharing, joyful win-wins have an easier time gaining traction. A less corrupt individual or group is a place where the various impulses are more ruled by wisdom. A less corrupt individual or group is moving in the right direction.


Returning to the Ad Proper (you’ll recall that we’d left off shaking our heads over corruption growing):

We make excuses for corrupt, greed/pride/hate/anger/fear/scorn/shame-drivend powergrabs (be they inside or outside our conscious space) who treat us with deference, ply us with comfort, make us feel accepted. The love-perverters (what is corruption but misplaced focus, aka misdirected love?) who thrash us blatantly about are a little more confusing: we praise them, we blame them, we hate them, we admire them, we envy them, we detest them, we make excuses for them; we simultaneously plot cronying up with them (since, after all, it’s not their fault that they understand the “rules of the game”) and raining righteous vengeance on them.

Our shoulders shrug, seemingly of their own accord.
We blame “unfairness”, “them”, “the system”, and so on.
Meanwhile we grow ever-more bored and directionless: we’re stepping further and further from the only path that could hold our interest and make any sense to us: we’re distancing ourselves from choosing aware, clear, honest, competent, selfless, kind, joyfully win-win thoughts and actions over every other possible alternative. Any other heuristic for choosing one thought or action over another is meaningless dull-dishwater gibberish to our hearts/minds/deeper-insights. Thus as corruption waxess, meaningful engagement wanes: we believe in, care about, and understand our own thoughts and actions less and less: our consciousness abdicates more and more to random lurching mindless soulless crawdad-lusts.

“Yeah, but I don’t want to be the only sucker left pretending the sky’s clear and the law’s on everybody’s side!”
“I don’t want to be the only dupe left holding the reins of some broke-down, toothless, knock-kneed worthless nag!”
“I gotta live, gotta get mine!”

Yeah, but that’s all gotten so fucking boring; so goddamn tired; so pointless and cold.
We don’t want to live like this anymore!

OK, I get all that, but how about:
"PURE LOVE" in bright red letters.

Pure Love won’t make us suckers!
Pure Love guides everyone not into mindless submission under xyz capricious power, but to a steady open-heart&minded push for the thoughts, actions, decisions, procedures, laws, and etc. that are best for everyone.

Pure Love is all about win-win because Pure Love knows we are all in this together.
Accordingly, as Pure Love overtakes our minds/bodies and organizations, we gladly create and gently but persistently enforce rules of conduct that prize the disciplined cultivation and systematic instantiation of aware, clear, honest, competent, kind shared joy.

Pure Love! Because we’re all in this together and so must turn and face each other and work on this life together.


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Author: B. Willard
Editor: A. Whistletown
Copyright Holder / Distant Onlooker: A. Watson

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