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Hey sweet thing, how’s the weather?

Oh don’t worry your pretty little head! Don’t worry yourself none! Life’s too short, shortie!

It’ll work out! God’s in charge. We’re all just fragmented sunlight here and now, but soon enough we’ll shine bright as One! No worries!

By the way, you look real good in that short dress and I feel a real longing growing in my flapping eyelids. Maybe you’d like to

That is to say,

Naturally my primary goal, my main emphasis, the core of my ministry

And yet, if we both feel the same way and I think maybe we just maybe do

Oh gosh, I don’t want to take advantage of the situation, but then again if we just–and I think maybe we gosh darn did!–if we maybe just stumbled into a situation

"PURE LOVE" in bright red letters., baby!!

It’s so awesome! The Love that loves everyone equally because it loves everyone infinitely and eternally. The Love that wants only to help and in fact knows exactly how to help. The Love that doesn’t push away or pull towards, but that rather love-lifts everyone always! You gotta dig it! I know I dig it.

So, what do you think?

I don’t wanna pressure nobody into nothin they don’t feel real good about; real real good about


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We couldn’t help it and did a shirt on romantic love, even thought romantic love is not an eternal good at all, but rather a sly dog that can be trusted only insofar as you want to fail: Romantic Love T-Shirts & The Resultant Follies

Author: B. Willard
Editor: A. Whistletown
Copyright Holder / Distant Onlooker: A. Watson

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