Don’t Get Eaten By The Wolves! Buy Pure Love!

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A sepia-touched picture of a shaggy dark-gray wolf devouring a woman in a green dress. Her arm is already reduced to bone. Its hind pays are on the red squished rib cage of a headless and limbless fellow in a long blue coat-frock; the guys limbs, head and black wide-brim hat lay nearby. Ground is yellow with splashes of green bush and grass. Writing underneath is french, talking about how the cruel beast of Genudan continues to carry out horrifying attacks even as the effort of M. Denneval and other famous hunters continue.
“And so, I don’t know; maybe I’m paranoid, but I feel like I’m being taken cruel advantage of!”


Life’s scary.

There’s a lot of bad actors within and without your conscious space looking to lead you astray!

How can you defend yourself?

On this old yellow parchment sketched men with round limbs demonstrate swordplay.


“Oh, you’ve parried against your own inner corruption as it seeks to infect the outer world! En garde! Well played! I feel my own lurching idiotic unkindness ebbing as your wisdom flows!”


You can get good at fighting. But there’s always somebody better. And how can fisticuffs help you against the corruption within the political/societal/cultural systems within which you — a human being — live? How can any amount of physical strength or intellectual guile save you from the corruption within your own heart of hearts?

How can you push the systems for thinking and choosing both within and outside your own conscious space towards the better? So that aware, clear, honest, accurate, competent, kind, joyfully-sharing, win-win impulses are chosen over greedy, fearful, close-hearted, prideful, mean desperate-lunges???

On this old yellow drawing a sketched hoarde of people in suits bows arms-forward in great supplication in front of a floating sun-twinkling dollar sign.


Economic and physical security are important. But should they be our most central focus?

That’s right! 100% Pure Love’s the most effective way to help yourself and others live well! Pure Love’s the way towards less corruption in both individual and group thought and action! Pure Love’s the way towards real, whole-being and thus sustainable success! (One can’t have sustainable individual success that doesn’t include every aspect of one’s being / A group can’t have sustainable success that doesn’t include all its members.)

Try some today! Stand up straight within yourself; let the Love in everywhere; push out from within, beaming Pure Love and willing loving kindness towards your own tangled up inner sewer system, as well as everyone else’s and the systems we all share!

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[Logbook Chapters / Pure Love Ad Campaign]

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This has been another hilarious philosophical and metaphysical joke from Bartleby Willard & Amble Whistletown, metaphysical humorists.

They are wise enough to realize that either aware, clear, honest, accurate, competent, joyfully sharing kindness is the way forward; or we human-things have no possible way to think and act that we can understand, believe in, or care about; that such a Perfect Reality cannot be known literally/definitively/1:1-ily by us limited mortals, but that that limitation doesn’t mean one’s thought-as-a-whole (ideas, feelings, and Light within and through all things — all interacting meaningfully though of course not perfectly together) can’t organize itself better and better around the Light within, allowing for one’s thought-as-a-whole to gain more and more whole-being insight into that and in what way it is truer to say “we are all in this together and should treat ourselves and each other with respect and kindness and joyful gratitude” and “aware, clear, honest, accurate, competent, joyfully sharing kindness is the way forward” than it is to say “who knows what’s going on or how to proceed?”.

In short (not short enough!!), they are wise enough to know they need to reach for more wisdom so that they can do a better job of living; even if it is ultimately true that they are only fictional beings, and that no one involved in any of their projects exists. However, are these poor imaginary-world sinners really any different from all you poor real-world sinners? Aren’t we all but the merest and outermost undulations of the Great God’s mighty rolling laughter? For what’s really Real except for the Light?

This has been another art project from Bartleby Willard and Amble Whistletown. The thoughts and views therein belong to no one. Author: Bartleby Willard / Editor: Amble Whistletown / Copyright AM Watson