Pure Love: For What Ails Ya

Feeling down?

All jagged and torn in your pit and cycloning angrily up throughout your conscious space?

Reaching for drink, drug, lustcapade, dessert, meaningless but ego-affirming relationship, and so on and so forth?

Largely for the sake of pretending you’re winning? Primarily to look away from where you find yourself within your own conscious space? Reaching for daydream-salvations in order to not know that you hurt, that you feel broken and illegitimate?

Well, do we have some Good News for you!

That’s right, step right up!
Run don’t walk!

Enjoy the infinite spiritual Good that alone Knows how and in what way you can know “we’re actually truly all in this together, bound in and through and for the Light” is a truer assessment of where you find yourself within your own conscious space than is “well I don’t know anything at all about what’s really going on and what really matters”!

Be a real success! The kind that begins with spiritual insight and, as you center the rest of your conscious space more and more effectively around the Pure Love / Light shining through everything, organizes your ideas and feelings better and better around that Light! Be the kind of sustainable success that comes of a life in, for, and through Pure Love!

Be a real friend! The kind that gently and humbly does what’s best for everyone! Be a friend who is wise enough to know how to actually connect with and enjoy life with other human beings!

That’s right, Pure Love is the elixir you’ve been dreaming for!

Pure Love: heal the brokenness and dance in joyful gratitude!

End of this particular advertisement.