Memo to The Board

What have we accomplished so far with the Pure Love Advertising campaign?
Have we sold any of the infinite Light that creates, sustains, and shines-through everything?
Has our mighty capitalism rang triumphant through the infinite universes?

With we tackle head-on the claims of our rivals that all us consumers deserve some kind of a luxury.

With we effectively and efficiently address the common concern that if Godlight salvationates everyone, undeservers will have it too good.

With we explain that only by living in and through and for Pure Love can we avoid being suckers.

With and related advertisements, we make case after inassailable case for Pure Love’s supremacy in the consumer market.

And with we note that while we can’t actually deliver Pure Love, It shines infinitely through everything, including each consumer’s entire conscious space. How efficient is that! The True Good’s delivered even before you purchase It! Or even ask for It!

So all and all, it seems like this campaign is going very well. We imagine we must be exceeding any reasonable marketing goals that we might’ve set. How could we not? After all the great demonstrations and pretty illustrations of our infinitely worthy product line??

Signed BW & AW, copyright AMW