Birthday Card – Ermine

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This is a weird birthday card.

Ermine Birthday Card

eCard message

Lady with an ermine. "It's your birthday, but you already have an ermine."

And on the insides something about how you’ve already arrived, but still we wish you happy birthday.

On the back:

The image is “Lady with an Ermine” (1489-90) by Leonardo da Vinci. Art historians believe the subject is Cecilia Gallerani, then the mistress of da Vinci’s patron, Ludovico Storva, Duke of Milan. The players’ passionate notions have long since faded into naught, but the beauty of the intersection of powerful luster, enchanting object of desire, and hungry artistic genius lives on and on.
The card’s page is

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Here’s the product description:

This birthday card points out that you already have an ermine, so there’s nothing left to gain or lose.
Still the card feels obliged to wish you a happy birthday.

So, kind of a weird one; though it of course raises some interesting points.

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