Pure Love: Yeah, you’ll lose the harem


"PURE LOVE" in bright red letters.
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Column 1
Life is short. You’ve got to GET YOURS before it is TOO LATE. You don’t want to LOSE OUT. That’s why you take what you can GET and INDULGE in your Private Digital Harem of babes who live to GET YOU OFF the WAY YOU LIKE IT. But do you really like it? Or do you feel bored and lonely all the time?

Column 2
Do you really like it? Or do you wish you could love and appreciate a real partner in a real relationship? PURE LOVE is going to gently turn off the pornography. PURE LOVE is going to softly shift your focus onto caring for and being cared for by real people. PURE LOVE is going to make you realize that you don’t want a harem; you want abiding friendships and shared joy.

Author: B. Willard
Editor: A. Whistletown
Copyright: AM Watson

[this is part if the Summer 2020 Pure Love Ad Campaign]


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