Fine Print (Summer 2020 Campaign)

This print is as fine
as that hot mama
walkin’ down sunshine street
turnin’ every head
meltin’ every heart
resolv’in every mind
bringin’ everything
into focus
into clarity
into admitting
what can’t be denied.

Pure Love’s the one thing with which everything is OK and without which nothing’s OK.

Pure Love is the eternal infinite Love that all earthly loves partake of to the degree they actually love.

Pure Love doesn’t want or need. Pure Love only gives — infinitely, eternally. Pure Love only understands, embraces, lifts up, guides unflinchingly gently towards the better, towards the Joy that helps.

Adsters sell all these products with all these advertisements, but only Pure Love is worth shouting about. Only Pure Love is worth proclaiming. Only Pure Love delivers on the promises of the adman/conman: only Pure Love gives you the love you need.

But Pure Love’s an eternal infinite Good; it’s not for sale!

[See our old essay / ad Pure Love for Sale? for more on the way that advertisers co-opt spiritual values to trick human souls into imagining that the Answer they’re seeking can indeed be found in abc established longing (example: coolness, with good-looking friends; a happy, well-to-do, good-looking family), and that, further, xyz product (example: this car!; this detergent!) a can in fact bring one into the salvation of the abc established longing. (it’s also included in A Readable Reader, First Loves, and First Essays, available at Buy the Books)]

We’re always pretending to sell Pure Love. We’re always making this joke. We’re really funny. We make the funniest joke about how the Light that creates, sustains, shines through, and love-lifts all creation is some kind of cheap consumer product that we mass produce and sell for a bargain on the free and open markets of the great green earth surrounded on all sides and up into every niche with the ocean blue.

It’s really funny. We’re just really hilarious.

Yeah, but that’s funny and everything, but why do you then attach real products for which you charge real money to this public service joke?

Well, somebody within this web needs some money so he can jump ship and land safely shore. So we thought: maybe there’s a win-win here; maybe it’d be OK to sell a few books, a few T-shirts, a mug or two; maybe that’d be an OK way to go.

Some things are more wasteful than other things. All this printing of T-shirts, packing and shipping them around the world: is it really such a good idea?

Oh man.

Well, anyway, the ebooks don’t hurt nobody. Right?

Come over my way, baby.
Come over and let me know
how you feel about it all
what you need to feel upon
your soft succulent I’m just sayin’

Authors: Bartleby Willard with Amble Whistletown
Copyright: Andrew Mackenzie Watson
Reasons: uh

[this is part if the Summer 2020 Pure Love Ad Campaign]

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