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We at the Pure Love Manufacturing, Harvesting, Mining, Collecting; Warehousing; Distributing; Branding, Marketing; & Vending Company of Justkiddingaroundville deliver the highest-quality professional-grade industry-standard Pure Love immediately, directly, and discretely to your heart of hearts!

All purchases are 100% irrevocable, and will possess you, overtake you, and save you body, mind and soul.

Pure Love Order Form: We’re to take your order!

Hi! So glad you could make it! Please enter how ever many barrels/bottles/jugs/droplets/ acres/plots/parcels/etc of 100% Pure Love — the eternal infinite Light that understands, cherishes, and relentlessly love-lifts all conscious flashes always without fail, bringing us all into Itself, where we dwell in True Goodness and eternal Blessedness (at our low low price of $0/unit):

Disclaimer: You can’t buy or sell Pure Love, and even if you could, you probably shouldn’t.
How should you react?: We dunno, but we hope you’ll let it slide

Not sure Pure Love’s for you?

See Description & Usage and FAQs for a preview of what to expect.
And/or let our Pure Love Ad Campaign convince you to take the plunge.

See below for more exploits,

Books We Write.

Logbook of Pure Love Mogul (Chapters). [An evolving book of notes and ads from the Pure Love industry, drawn from our blog (Logbook of a Pure Love Mogul) posts.]

We’re building a Meme Factory Link

Our new Zazzle store carries greeting cards discussing Pure Love and Something Deeperism:

An exterior view of a party at the mansion.
“A Very Something Deeperist Christmas!” Card

And clothes too now!

"Pure Love" in big red lettering. "B. Willard's Lonesome Design Studio" in smaller black lettering.

Also: we’re trying out this tagline:
“B. Willard’s Pure Love Shop:
Where Truth = Goodness = Beauty = Justice
= Kind Joy / Hilarity.
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OH, and we’ve still got plenty of Wandering Albatross Press

Cat Totes & Baby Cuddle Wraps:
Cat Totes are Real! 'Objectively Cute' infant onepieces are real!

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