Descr. & Usage

Product Description

Pure Love is all there really is.
It is the Light that shines through everything,
that gently blows the darkness apart.
It is God’s infectious laughter.
It is what only helps, only gives, only accepts, only cherishes, has nothing except joyful selfless overflowingly effective kindness.
It is the cup running over; It is infinitely more than it needs, It is faultless.
In comparison to Pure Love, none of us are so wonderful,
But the Pure Love considers us wonderful and knows
That we belong to It and It to us.
Pure Love is Soul Light.
Pure Love knows how to actually help each sentient moment here in this interwoven flow of mind/matter shot through with Soul Light, with Pure Love, with What Is.

Usage Instructions

Stand up straight within yourself
Push out from within
Let the Pure Love in at the chakras and the shoulders and everywhere
Let the Pure Love fill your whole conscious space
Let gentle wise kindness rule your ideas and feelings
Push out from within
Let the Pure Love in …

We Dunno

We dunno
We just dunno
Can’t say
But we pray
for a love
that only loves
and in this only loving
knows, understands, and succeeds
in its worthy endeavor:
to gather us all joyfully up
and surge us all joyfully along together,
creating, playing, learning, growing, building, together making things better for everyone in this life and beyond

Disclaimer: You can’t buy or sell Pure Love, and even if you could, you probably shouldn’t.
What is this?: Another hilarious artsy BW/AMW collaboration
What should you do? We dunno, but we hope you’ll let it slide

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