Writing & Editing

We’ve Decided to start a freelance proofreading, copy editing, and copywriting business.

Email us at Editor@PureLoveShop.com to discuss how we can help your enterprise help the world. At the moment what we desire most of all is to help save democracy in the United States of America. So if you’re looking for political copy to stop Trump’s GOP from dismantling our democracy, we’d love to work for you!

Below are a few samples.

Looking forward to hearing from you,
Bartleby Willard, Author
Amble Whistletown, Editor
Andy Watson, Copyright Holder (this is the guy who’d have to get the byline and checks for these gigs — because in the realm of appearances he appears to exist — of course he doesn’t really exist anymore than you do, dear prospective client and self-told daydream!)


We recently started a meme project that includes some political work, like for example, Destroy Reality, Destroy Democracy, as well as our standard fare of advertisements for Pure Love: Pure Love: Be the Invincible Part

On Not Burning it Down is a stop-Trump/save-democracy piece.

We’ve tried many political essays. One worked out well: A Fun New War.

Here’s a commercial that claims Pure Love is Even Better than Classy Sneakers.
Our Pure Love Shop has many funny and engaging features, like Descriptions & Usage, and a lot of advertisements and other writings.

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