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The main site for our giant ebook called “Love at a Reasonable Price” is From Bartleby

If you’d like to watch greeting cards, clothes, mugs & other physicalities discuss Pure Love and other infinite eternal hopes and dreams, and/or play dress-up in art & thought, please go to our new Zazzle store:

Click on images to see Christmas Cards:

An exterior view of a party at the mansion.
“A Very Something Deeperist Christmas!” Card

And clothes too now!

"Pure Love" in big red lettering.  "B. Willard's Lonesome Design Studio" in smaller black lettering.

Also: we’re trying out this tagline:
“B. Willard’s Pure Love Shop:
Where Truth = Goodness = Beauty = Justice
= Kind Joy / Hilarity.
Discussion Here
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And here are links to products we’d like to help Wandering Albatross Press sell:

Cat Totes & Baby Cuddle Wraps:
Cat Totes are Real! 'Objectively Cute' infant cuddle wraps are real!

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