Business Statement

Goal: Sell Pure Love
Price per unit of Pure Love: $0
What does Pure Love do: Pure Love moves everything towards the wiser, kinder, more effective, more joyfully sharing.
What is Pure Love: the Light shining through everything. The Light that creates, sustains, and love-lifts everything. The Light that alone knows what is going on and what is best.
Business Strategy: Pray to God for guidance.
But surely we need a more carefully drawn business strategy — to provide workable boundaries within which our fallible human prayerful-considerations can more-safely operate: Working on it.

Short business statement: Some kind of an art project. Is there a way to be creative, make money, grow healthier as a whole being, and also produce something helpful??? How? What is the way forward? Guide us, God of our understanding.

Below is a brainstorming essay that ends by kind of refuting its initial sentiments. The short business statement is probably good enough for now.

Our business model is “enough wealth”: enough revenue so as to not worry our poor heads about money, but money is not our first priority. Our first priority’s sustainability: can I live happy and decent this way? Is this company good for me and others? Does it help us to evolve spiritually, emotionally, and intellectually? Is it healthful for us all? Is it conducive to the joyful gamesomeness requisite great works and life overflowing forward motion? Those are our first concerns. Because if we’re not doing that, then we’re self-defeating, we’re chasing self-destruction, we’re asking to get better and better at being more and more miserable.

We are a marketing company. But marketing is fundamentally tainted. What’s the worth a field dedicated to convincing people to acquire what they don’t need? What’s the value a game built upon tricking souls into confusing worldly baubles for spiritual treasures?

We are a marketing company. We sell Pure Love, but Pure Love is the eternal infinite Kindness that creates, sustains, shines through and, also, through the magic of divine harmonics, is all things. Clearly, no one can buy, purchase or sell Pure Love.

We are a marketing company. We sell thought and art, but Truth, Beauty, Goodness & Justice are all holy giggles rippling off the Pure Love, which is so infinite as to be both everything and nothing, the apparent contradiction of which gives rise to this immense giggle we humanthings feel booming through the starry skies.

We are a marketing company. We sing songs for free on dusty cobblestones, our cloaks worn, our sandals torn, our lyres glittering in the noonday sun of a busy smelly raucous marketplace that feels like forever, though we all know it’s a soft warm sparkling wave splashing coolly past.

This is our thought: we’ll form as best we can charming advertising campaigns for awareness, clarity, honesty, competency, kindness, shared joy, Pure Love, a way forward for everyone together without distinction. And we’ll also create, again: to the best of our meager means, products that ballyhoo the same joyful helpful fun: books, cards, T-shirts, whathaveyou. We won’t worry about particularly pushing the product-end of our productions; our primary push will be the spirit of joyful gamesomeness. We hope, we pray, we seek & reseek and seek again a way to follow this notion towards the Better Better Better.


This isn’t a marketing company. What we want to do is M-F mornings we work on art and thought; afternoons we work on studying. This is an art and thought company. We need our creations to help us evolve as thinkers, artists, and most of all human beings. And they also have to help push thought and art in better directions. These are prerequisites for a company we can feel OK about. Part of the task is getting the word out and part of the output must be sold to the tune of $Enough-To-Not-Worry-About-Money. But the focus of the company is creating art and thought that is good for its creators, consumers, and this wide, shared public space we call “reality”.


Bartleby Willard, Chief Author & Lark Sparrow of Pure Love Industries, Pure Love Shop, & Related Arias.
Ambrose “Amble” Whistletown, Editor

Copyright AM Watson